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"all I did was hold you... watch you fall asleep.. and it was the best night of my life." - Spike

I can relate...


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27th May, 2003 23:33 (UTC)
that's so sweet.
i actually like doing that, since i almost never fall asleep first. but my staring/watching usually wakes him up. like here!
28th May, 2003 08:32 (UTC)
yes, yes...
oh, that line about killed me...
wish I could have some of those nights back
28th May, 2003 09:42 (UTC)
Re: yes, yes...
aww.. you will hon.

Smile a the guys more ;) they'll come running.
28th May, 2003 20:33 (UTC)
Re: yes, yes...
I'll be sure to polish up the ol' smile.

On a completely different note...when you coming back?
29th May, 2003 07:20 (UTC)
Re: yes, yes...
26th of June. I shall be there in time for Independance Day.. and I shall take back your colony for King George!

or something... hehe
29th May, 2003 08:46 (UTC)
Re: yes, yes...
silly boy...with that red uniform we'll see you coming for miles

Must arrange many meetups!
29th May, 2003 08:53 (UTC)
Re: yes, yes...
hehe.. that we must :D

28th May, 2003 13:53 (UTC)
that's an awesome quote. and i'm sure you know that feeling well. yall will be back together soon.
and this is the first time i've actually BEEN to your journal page. it's very impressive. :) kudos to you.
and seems like were pretty compatible. lol. ;-) don't tell avi. lol.
28th May, 2003 17:33 (UTC)
Thank you :)

hehe... yeah.. its wierd, but half of those questions didn't really apply to me, so I had to guestimate answers.


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