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Ok... I'm running with the font as is so far.. but tell me anything you think will help.
Here's a display of it so far. No numbers so far (they're done, but not in the font yet)

*edit* - updated graphic to show the numbers and special characters I have put in so far.

Its not perfect atm, there are a few align issues, but tell me what you think....


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27th May, 2003 10:44 (UTC)
Hmm, it looks like the font, but it's hard to tell with it being so big. Don't they just use 'courier new' or something?
27th May, 2003 16:46 (UTC)
No they dont.

They use one like that for the Zion control tower, they use what looks (but isn't) like a funky pixel font for the credits text, and they use a special font full of glyphs for the code scrolling effect.

That font is on screen for about 15secs - if that. I'm going to try and make a good version of the glyph and credit fonts.. as the only versions I've seen are DAMN UGLY and nasty. Very badly made...

So that will be three fonts based on the matrix..

God I'm a geek... *hangs head in shame*
30th May, 2003 08:25 (UTC)
If there's one thing I hate in font sets, it's the absence of letters for Scandinavian languages and Eastern European languages.
Look at the default set for Arial and make sure you include them.
BTW, is the font with a drop shadow by default or did you add that in PS?
30th May, 2003 11:13 (UTC)
I added that in PS. You can't do alpha transparency in vector fonts.. sadly. Though you could fake it with the old 1 solid, 1 transparent effect.. would looks like ass high res tho. Bitmap fonts could work like that I guess...

The drop shadow was to make it look a bit more like the section of the movie its in (they are on a transparent screen and so have a bit of depth to them).

I understand the annoyance with the rest of the characters. Especially as I know you use them a lot. It actually depends on what font format you use (encoding format that is, not true type etc) as to what characters you can even put into a font. Arial is a 'complete' character set, whereas most fonts (that are free) are a in the 'default' set.. which is average english. I know that sucks..

Basically thats because its a lot more work to put in the rest of the characters, or at least the characters that aren't part of - or similar to - the standard english alphabet. Actually if you look at the font image (which I just updated) you'll see its version 1.1 - it was version 1.0 when you commented. By 1.5-2.0 I want to have at least most of the letters you mention. Certainly ver 2 should be as complete as I can get it.

I'm making another font right now based on another font they use in the movie, and have another one planned after that (they use at least 6 distint fonts that I can tell, but I won't do them all). I also want to do the Matrix Code Glyphs that scroll down the screen - the only version of them that I have seen was complete ass.

Eventually I will get them all up to scratch though. The reason I posted that up there was to get some good critism though.. and thanks for reminding me about that. I shall try to get the easiest ones done (like accented characters, etc) as soon as I can.
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