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behold my geekyness...

I'm designing a font atm...

Its for a website I'm making...

Its based on a font that is in The Matrix - Reloaded...

These three facts have consigned me to geek hell, I know this. Unfortunately I appear to be currently in it... why you ask? Ok, a bit of background to begin with. The font is based on a very short part of the movie - a shot from within the Zion Control Tower. They have these cool transparent screen interfaces there, and the font they use is the one I'm creating.. or rather I want a font that looks like that.

Its one of those fonts where all the letters are built from the same basic structure - kind of like LCD style type, but not quite. It is made up of lots of very straight lines, but the corners and ends of those lines are rounded. Once I actually got the basic template structure right the rest of the letters weren't too hard. However now comes the geek hell part. I'm contructed these letters in photoshop, and so I have to convert them to a vector format to get them to work.

This should be simple - the software Adobe Streamline should be able to do that for me. So off I go and play with its settings... now while its great - its not doing it right. It won't show a straight line when I need it and just a curve where it should be. I get the feeling it wasn't designed for such clean lines. So atm the font looks.... ok, but not what I want really. And currently when I paste the outlines from Adobe Illustrator the fonts don't show up when I export them from Fontographer.. why? I have no idea.

It looks like I'm going to have to trace them all in fontographer from the bitmaps. Geek hell... hell I say..

so.. um.. any suggestions?

*edit* - I've at least found out why they weren't showing... stupidity on my part. They are good enough atm I guess.. but.. well yeah.. any help/suggestions would be nice.