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The regular saturday programming.

Ok.. bored at work. Not totally surprising as I have to put up with 5 young teenage lads... so yeah.. my mind wandered (big surprise huh?).

I have decided that there are six types of car stereo listeners. Everyone fits into one of these catagories, or a combination thereof.

  1. The Wheel Whacker - beats their fingers on the steering wheel like its a drum. Sometimes just the top, sometimes the bottom, occationally a star example of this type will use the rest of the dashboard for particularly complex drum riffs.

  2. The Air Guitarist - Plays the seat belt like its a fender. This type may be often see with their lips puckered and making *dawnngdawwwnnng* noises.

  3. The Bum Dancer - The ultimate in enclosed bootie dancing. This type will not let being in a car restrict their groove thang. Can sometimes be seen doing a head wiggle, possibly due to some kind of sympathic motion.

  4. The Shy Soprano - Hard to spot due to their nature. This type loves to sing, but will turn introverted and quiet when they think there is any chance of them being spotted induging in some oral pleasure.

  5. The Shamless Singer - The Shy Soprano's extroverted cousin. This type will sing loud and proud, sometimes with the windows open. Some examples will ativly increase their volume and gesticulation if they realise they are being watched. Extreme examples will try and organise passers-by into some kind of chorus.

  6. The Strong and Silent - No movement at all.. posibly listens to talk radio, or is just plain boring.

I'm a combo of 1,2 and 5.. with a little 3 thrown in occationally. What types do you fall into?


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24th May, 2003 07:18 (UTC)
1 and 5. totally. i'm a drummer, so i naturally tap on anything. lol. and i like to sing it loud n proud. :)
24th May, 2003 16:15 (UTC)
You go girl ;)
24th May, 2003 08:53 (UTC)
I am as you know... a little bit one, a bigger bit 3 sometimes 4 but mostly 5.
24th May, 2003 16:17 (UTC)
hehe. .yeah.. you love to shake your groove thang ;)
24th May, 2003 09:05 (UTC)
5. Do you even need to ask?
24th May, 2003 16:18 (UTC)
Hahaha.. no not really.

Though I got the feeling you might be a bit of a 2 and 3 sometimes too.
24th May, 2003 11:43 (UTC)
I am a combo of 1, 3 and 5, but mostly alot of 1 & 5. If I think you are looking I clam and turn 5 shades of red.
24th May, 2003 16:19 (UTC)
So really more 1 and 4 then?
24th May, 2003 13:48 (UTC)
On a great day, 5... Normally a 4 or 1. :-) I love to sing in the car. Live for it.

Have I mentioned lately how much I love your Calvin and Hobbes mood thingies? *snickers* They're so great!!

24th May, 2003 16:20 (UTC)
aww thanks hon! I made 'em myself :D
24th May, 2003 15:22 (UTC)
I'm a combo of 1,3, and 5.
24th May, 2003 16:21 (UTC)
I totally guessed you'd be a five.. heh
24th May, 2003 17:08 (UTC)
yup yup :)
25th May, 2003 08:42 (UTC)
you forgot the Emotionally, Physically, and Mentally Involved: totally lost in the music that's blaring out of 20 inch subwoofers in the back. they get really into their music. bobbing their head profusely. waving their arms, fanning the windshield. very popular among hip hop/rap listeners.

or maybe you don't get those people in the uk.

i'm Lily bytheway. i thought you sounded very interesting so i've added you.
25th May, 2003 09:00 (UTC)
Hi lily :) Thank you for the compliment.

I suppose that what you describe would actaully be a combination of 1,2,3, and 5 :D.

I was so bored I even have a few sub-classes I made up for those too (yes its that boring there sometimes)

Oh and I added you back by the way.. :D
25th May, 2003 09:10 (UTC)
hahaha... it's more complex than i thought.
i have 2 categories.
those who move and those who don't.
we simple folk like to keep things uncomplicated.

thank you =)
25th May, 2003 12:21 (UTC)
and we simple folk who like to think we are clever overcomplicate things...

lesson on life there ;)

Bordom = motivational power of the universe

"hey whats this do?" *bzzzzzzt*
25th May, 2003 11:16 (UTC)
I can be 1,4,5
25th May, 2003 12:27 (UTC)
ahh... periods of shyness huh?
30th May, 2003 12:12 (UTC)
1,3,5, baby, yeah!

*grins* Bootydancing whilst singing my heart out and pounding away on the sides of the car and the steering wheel? Let 'em all look out, I say! I'm here, darnit, I'm proud, and to heck with all o' ya!

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