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All change please...

Change is in the air it seems.

Firstly.. I'd like to wave a sad goodbye to kaleidoscopes. She's finally got tired of LJ drama and is ceasing to post. Which saddens me, but I know I'll still talk to her, and I get to see her in July anyhow :)

The other change is of a more superficial nature. I've completely re-done my journal... totally different. In addition to this I've created a custom mood theme for myself as well that’s based on Calvin and Hobbes. He's cute isn't he?

So yes.. take a look around and browse my journal at this link - tell me what you think of the new look - its quite a change from the old style.

In Other News...
My car was returned to me today. The phoenix still lives.. albeit with a different engine. The engine I have in there now actaully has done less miles than the car has and it was low to begin with - so thats good at least. The final damage was £650, which is better than I expected - with my parents helping with the cost I think I won't be too far out of pocket for the US at least.

Mind you - with my current luck the axel will snap or something.


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19th May, 2003 16:17 (UTC)
Wowzers! The new look is funkalicious! I'm all jealous now ~_^ Love the Calvin theme, too! :D
19th May, 2003 16:40 (UTC)
thank you hon! *beams*

Calvin is the bestestest... just a shame I can't make it a public theme.. I know ppl would use it.
19th May, 2003 21:37 (UTC)
I like your new style.

I hope that Brandi changes her mind. She has been silent even on email. :(
20th May, 2003 03:43 (UTC)
She is about.. but she's got a lot of things in her head atm. As I said to her Real Life > LJ.
20th May, 2003 01:48 (UTC)
hey, i just randomly stumbled across your journal and noticed that you also like Red Dwarf. Here in the states it's hard to get info about the show, do you know if theres any truth to the rumors of a red dwarf movie?
20th May, 2003 03:49 (UTC)
Its probably hard to get info about it as its not been in production for about 5 years ;)

There have been rumours about a movie for about 10+ years. The rumours are true in that there are and have been talks to try and get one off the ground. Initially though it was with a US company that wanted to make its own version of Red Dwarf and a movie using that cast. Thankfully it never happend (the horror at that thought is too much to bear).

There was an interview with Craig Charles recently and he said that he, and the rest of the cast, would be happy to do a movie - but a) he didn't know how the series would translate to a glossy 2hr format, and b) none of them have been asked.

So if there is a movie.. its not confirmed. Probably just whoever owns the rights pushing our feelers again and stiring up more rumours.

Anyhjow.. welcome to my journal! Always happy to see new people :D Hope you enjoy yourself.
20th May, 2003 13:07 (UTC)
that's too bad! i want a red dwarf movie, but not an americanized one. and the series has no new episodes??? that sucks! you'd never know it here because we're just getting through season 8. they barely play them anymore on my public access brittish tv channel.
anywho! yah, cool journal, and interests too. you like the same stuff i like...well, cept the zombies thing, i'm more of a ghost fanatic.
22nd May, 2003 16:50 (UTC)
Well... the last series was released at the same time as The Phantom Menace.. so there is still hope.

Btw.. I love ghosts too.. I just can't be bothered to list everything on there. The whole of paranormal activity is interesting to me.. love it.
22nd May, 2003 21:34 (UTC)
well i just hope they keep airing it on my little non profit tv station!
hehee...yeah paranormal stuff/cryptozoology fascinates me too. i grew up with a dad who used to look for UFO's nearly every night with bi-noculars. and i'm pretty sure my house is haunted.
23rd May, 2003 06:55 (UTC)
Coool.. I've been ghost hunting before now, much fun.
(Deleted comment)
20th May, 2003 07:46 (UTC)
Oh at some point she will sure.. but a hiatus will prolly do her lots of good.

Thanks for the compliments :) I'm currently redoing my website as well.
20th May, 2003 07:51 (UTC)
oh, my dear goodness that's nice
I am ever so jealous. It takes me forever to just change one color on my page...and there you go making things that look real.

I love it, I love it!

Sorry about your car...
20th May, 2003 11:23 (UTC)
Re: oh, my dear goodness that's nice
the car is.. yeah.. fixed now thankfully - so hopefulyl nothign to be sorry about any more
*crosses fingers*

Thanks for the compliment hon, I'm glad you think it looks real - that was my aim :D

Its just a matter of working out the way LJ sets out the HTML in its styles. I didn't actaully change the code toooo much (though I added in a lot of style info) the key was the images :)
25th May, 2003 11:18 (UTC)
I really like this new journal look..think it's pretty awesome:)
25th May, 2003 12:26 (UTC)
thank you! I'm going to release my new and improved website upon the world soon too :D
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