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Roll up.. roll up...

Laaadeeees and gentlegerms...

For your viewing pleasure...

The Chat - You can see Cherie's house from here.

You proably know what this is... this damn flag is EVERYWHERE.

Greenland - Not Green.

Jym - "Yeah.. I'm bad.. Who's Bad? I'm a baaad man." Cherie - "lmao"

The Spainy Kitty Of DOOOM - Look at her viscously... being cute... darn.

Canada - Still Cold.

It has come to my attention that I have far too few pictures of Avionne. This shall be rectified as soon as posible!
More photos to come.. featuring... Drag Queens!

Yes I know you can't contain your excitment...


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12th May, 2003 05:46 (UTC)
I think there are plenty of pictures of me... too many in fact. :P
12th May, 2003 06:17 (UTC)
There is no such thing as "too many". :-P

Great pictures, Greg... You're really an amazing photographer. *huggles*
12th May, 2003 07:13 (UTC)
*blush* naw...

and I agree.. cannot be too many :)
12th May, 2003 07:12 (UTC)
bah.. you're just shy *smooch*

We never even did those pictures with the icicle lights! Must do.. you'll look purdy :)
(Deleted comment)
12th May, 2003 07:33 (UTC)
yeah.. spotted that ;) no probs. And what are you on about big teeth?

You life in a land of rednecks and think YOU have big teeth? Surely that would make many of them rabbits? :D

shush crazy lady ;)
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