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Yesturday I got some bad news...

My engine head gasket was not the only part to have gone.. in fact it seems like it may have gone because of other problems. The head and base blocks of the engine are both corroded beyond repair. What does that mean? It means my engine is one big lump of scrap iron and steel.


When I was told yesterday it felt like I had most of the engine block sitting in my gut... a new engine would leave almost no change from one thousand pounds. There was no hope of that. I know my parents said they would help with the cost.. but thats beyond both of us.

I mean the car is only worth about 1,500 anyhow.

Needless to say I had a very sick moment. I need a car. I need a car to work, and have money. There's very little chance of getting my company to stump for a rental for the rest of the work period... There is hope however. I've looked about online for a used engine. I didn't find much joy, but I sent a few queries off to some dealers as well.

Well late last night I got a few responces (why that late I don't know.. but hey) inc VAT (sales tax) a low mileage engine would cost me about £330. and probably nearly that to fit it.

Ok so not great news... but better. At least its not the price of the car now. *sighs*

My parents have said they will help out with the cost.. but I hate the fact that they have to. It leaves me feeling so useless and impotent. Its the worst posible timing as well.. I was looking forward to going ot the US, and while I still am.. I know it will not be as easy as it could have been.

Hopefully I'll get a job out there nice and quickly... hey I can dream.

Because right now my dreams are the only part of my life that I can hold on to and provide any kind of positive light at the end of the tunnel. One of those dreams that is becoming reality is living in the US with Avi. Cancelling going ot the US is just not an option.. in any way. Without going there, seeing Avionne again, hopefully getting a job.. I really have no other things to hold on to right now. They are my driving goals atm.

Without them I don't know what I'd do...

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