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Yes.. finally I bring you...... photos of my trip to the USA!

Ok.. ok I know I'm tardy with this, but other things than LJ posts have been on my mind :P
You all should have already seen this photo.. so to start....

Cherie SMASH!
I love the look on Jym's face in this... kinda like "wtf?" combined with a deep and utter disinterest..

and an icon in honour of that :)

Vampire Avionne stalks Fantasm in her Corset of Doom!

Cherie strikes a valiant pose...

Avi apears to enjoy being on that horse... hmmm

The cutest puppy I've seen in years.. but it'll be an ugly ass dog..

Cherie refusing to smile for the memorial tower pic.. I know you can missy!
IF you look very carefully you can see Lookout Mountain in the background.

Snodgrass Hill..... don't let Green Eyes get you ;)

Canada - cold

There will be more to come soon, but I have to head back off to work in a moment, I just sorted this in my break.



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(Deleted comment)
8th May, 2003 15:35 (UTC)
hehe.. yes there were.. I'll post those at a later date. ;)

Yar she is teh sex0r :D
8th May, 2003 06:26 (UTC)
Damn you... you mustn't post pictures where I look awful!
8th May, 2003 15:37 (UTC)
did you SEE the corset pic.. didja?

Sexy <3
8th May, 2003 06:41 (UTC)
The cutest puppy I've seen in years.. but it'll be an ugly ass dog..

Soooooooo true! Cute puppy, nonetheless!

Great pictures, Greg. :-) I'm glad you enjoyed your stay there and your camera got much usage. I just adore that vampire pic of Avi. Very wonderful indeed.

8th May, 2003 07:37 (UTC)
Look! Look! CANADA! Where as it you were flying over?
8th May, 2003 15:40 (UTC)
Somewhere cold.. and er... snowy.. and under populated

It was on the curve past Iceland, Lake Michigan, to Chicago... so.. um.. that east bit... thats cold and er... snowy.. and under populated.

I dunno soz..
8th May, 2003 07:58 (UTC)
Aaaaaaahahahaa! I love it, Canada - cold! heeehee!! The rest of the pics are lovely!
8th May, 2003 15:42 (UTC)
danke :D
8th May, 2003 08:08 (UTC)
I love the look on Jym's face in this... kinda like "wtf?" combined with a deep and utter disinterest..

he also looks like he's about ready to.. uhm... adjust himself or something. like, trying to hide the fact that he's doing so, but failing miserably. :)
8th May, 2003 15:41 (UTC)

Perfect observation there!
8th May, 2003 10:50 (UTC)
i soooo want to post the pic of cherie and the hulk hands on that board i linked to in my post to you last night. its a board where everyone is posting pics of them or other people in hulk hands. it seems to be quite the trend, lol.
8th May, 2003 15:28 (UTC)
hehe.. its because they RULE! If only I had a picture of james when he was beating himself in the nuts with them! :D

Feel free to post that btw.
8th May, 2003 12:36 (UTC)
Wonderful pictures! Makes me miss you a bit Greg..*sniff* You'll be back soon though *perks up*

8th May, 2003 15:29 (UTC)
That I will! I realised I didn't get any pictures of you :'(
8th May, 2003 17:50 (UTC)
That canada pic is almost surreal.. very nice!!
9th May, 2003 02:47 (UTC)
I have a few more from the plane.. was very pretty up there. Listening to classical music at 40,000 feet...
9th May, 2003 01:36 (UTC)
YAY pics! I just *love* those Hulk hands...I keep playing with them at work ^_^ And the Vampy Avi pic is fantastic! Looking forward to more :D
14th May, 2003 13:55 (UTC)
You'll also notice that I am, however discreetly, grabbing my own crotch for some reason. I must have been drinking again...

I love that icon, btw.
14th May, 2003 14:37 (UTC)
thanks :) How be the jym?
14th May, 2003 20:17 (UTC)
the jym be fine. :) i read about yer vehicle...i'm sorry. my own car is about half a step away from the money pit; i'd probably be better off with a pogostick and some powerade. or something.
15th May, 2003 01:38 (UTC)
Heh. yeah. The most annoying thing is the timing.. right before I head back over there. Exactly the time I don't need to be shelling out that ammount of money..

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