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Good cause, well done..

appologies to those in aloha_dough for the cross posting.. but I wanted to make sure everyone saw this.

shineyquarter showed me this link to The Animal Rescue Website a while ago, and I forgot to post about. I noticed oyster mentioned it in her journal today.. if you click the banner you help fund the shelter - but I wanted to point out a much greater incentive for many people to visit it.

The store.

Everything you buy in this store helps the cause you want (there are a few stores under the banner, all good causes) but whichever you pick you are treated to an incredible varity and quality of items.
From beautiful jewelry to items for the home, theres loads in there. They ship internationally (they are a US company) so I may find that I will be doing my gift shopping there from now on.. as there prices are pretty good too for the most part.

Anyhow... click the link above and have a surf about. You'll not regret it.

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