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Kill them.. kill them all...

Ahh siblings.. can't live with them.. can't roast them alive on a spit.

The entertaining thing about my sister is that I'm always selfish when she doesn't get to do something that she wants to do. Or I'm a moron when I disagree with her.

As she would say.. yeah, whatever.

I really don't know anyone who likes her, I went to our schools sixth form - rather than a seperate college. Whether this was a good thing overall aside, I had to spend one year with a large ammount of her friends (she was the year below me). None of them liked her. At all. In any way. They thought she was a manipulative, fair weather friend, who used people until it suited her to drop them.

For the most part I tihnk they were right. One interesting side note is that about 6 months into her first year of college she went through a crying hysterical period. Saying she was being bullied.. etc etc. From what I can gather however she was having most of her classes hate her because they didn't put up with her attitude. Its one thing to ppl you know.. I guess this lot couldn't be bothered with it.

Anyhow.. flash forward a few years after she changes job a few times due to "not getting on with people there" or similar reason.. and she starts Uni. Now I made lots of friends at Uni, I enjoyed it much more and got through bad patches because of them. As far as I can tell she doesn't socialise with peoplein her classes because she thinks they are too shallow or other reasons. Too shallow?? From her? She hasn't made any new friends in years.

Its bizzare to watch. Its even funny when she gets in my face - because all I can think about is much of an idiot she is, and the more verbal and abusive (not to mention louder) she gets.. the more I think it.

Recently however my mother has been displaying the same level of this behaviour.. but in a creativly dumb way. I don't know what's going on here.. but she does. Here's an example.. please bear in mind that my mother is actually reasonably techno-litterate:

Her: "I can't do that.. the computer crashes."
Me: "Well then something is wrong with your laptop."
Her: "There's nothing wrong with it. I was told that it would do that!"
Me: "Who told you that?"
Her: "The computer did. It told me that it was wrong and then it crashed."
Me: "Well like I said.. there's something wrong with it."
Her: "There's nothing wrong with it, it just crashes!"

Its around this point that words fail me and I just walk away before I say something really cutting that will get me in trouble.

Families eh? Who'd have 'em?

PS - On a seperate note.. I am actually sorting through my photos from the US now.. and will have some stuff to show for it.. maybe later tonight... we'll see.


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5th May, 2003 13:48 (UTC)
Run away!
5th May, 2003 14:32 (UTC)
I plan to ;)
5th May, 2003 13:50 (UTC)
Sounds to me like you just need to move to America. ;-) I have similar problems with mine, Greg. I've just gotten to the point I don't communicate with them much unless I have to. Unfortuntely, I know you can't exactly do that. So, in the meantime, I'll just send you positive vibes and stuff... *hugs* Wish I could help.
5th May, 2003 16:46 (UTC)
LOL - We'll trade family stories this summer when you're here. *pats you on the shoulder* It'll be ok. I find it best to ignore my family. Seems to work better that way. I even moved 12 hours away from them. Even better. *hugs*

btw - I miss you!
6th May, 2003 02:10 (UTC)
awww thank you! I'll be seeing you in the summer I'm sure!

Yeah I can totally understand moving away.. urgh
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