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"I remember a haiku that my shadow told me.

The absence of tears...
a bitter, bitter sweet drought.
I must pray for rain."

The picture to the left is a scan from a comic called Kabuki, by David Mack. David is a nice guy.. if not particularly outgoing, still friendly. I met him at Fantasm... briefly. He was in the dealers room - probably the best thing about Fantasm - and I was continually drawn to his table, along with shineyquarter as he had the most beautiful prints on sale there.

After much indecision I bought two prints of his, which he very generously signed. One being a beautiful stark image of the lead character in her kabuki make-up, the other was the cover art to one of the comics he was selling. Myself and shineyquarter cooed over it and it was nice and generous enough to give me a signed copy of that issue.

I have been reading it lately and it is one of those comics that reminds you what an art form it can be. For me it does to my impressions of comics what Neil Gainman's Sandman series did to comics in the early 90's. The form and structure of each page is fluid and organic, the artwork for each is worthy of a print itself.

Beautiful - Find it and you will be lost in it.

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