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An amusing start to a beautiful day..

Its really nice and sunny outside today.. and this exchange brightened me up in goodmovies.

why did i see this film? ian mckellen and patrick stewart on screen together. that's a privilege. the royal shakespeare company does marvel comics. :)

haha... the RSC does Marvel.. theres an image.

"Do you bite your thumb at me sir?"
"No but I do bite my thumb.."
"I said do you bite your thumb at me sir?"
"yes.. and I've got six reasons why you're going down!"
*shnickity shnick*

you made me fall of my chair


Could be worse...
Imagine DMX doing Hamlet..

"To be or mother fucking not to be.. dog..."


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4th May, 2003 05:45 (UTC)
hee, hee, hee, hee...
no really, that's exactly the sound I am making right now.

Avi and I have a guy who talks like that who works with us...except he rarely says fuck. But 'dog' is a requisite part of his communication skills.

hee, hee, hee...
4th May, 2003 07:22 (UTC)
heh.. yeah she told me about him. I REALLY wanted to meet him so I could take the piss...


Him "You waassup dog?"
Me "Aint no thing homes, just kicking it wid me main girly Aaa-vi-on and free styling on da mac."
Him "Huh?"
Me "indeed..."
4th May, 2003 09:00 (UTC)
"To be or mother fucking not to be.. dog..."

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