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Naked Mole Rat-astic

One of the benifits of this job is that, because I get up earlier than I'd like on a saturday, I get to see Saturday morning cartoons.

Now for many people cartoons aren't just saturday morning things, and they were never just saturday morning anyhow, but with channels such as the Cartoon Network and CNX etc etc the whole specialness of Saturday morning has been eroded.

At least if you're in the US, or have satelite.

I don't apply to either, at least not yet. So the only cool cartoons I get to see are if I go around a friends with satelite (Samuri Jack baybee) or on Sat morns.
Today was Kim Possible. Any cartoon with a naked mole rat must be good right? Right.

Anyhow. Word on my car is that its going to be minimum of around £300 IF its just the head gasket - more if there are cracks in the head. Great. *sigh* Worlds worst timing this. I wanted to save some money so I will be able to contribute more when I'm in the states (until I get a job that is). As it is.. I will still be able to, just have less... ah well.

Saw X2 Thursday night. Its good. I'm going to post about it in goodmovies so if you want to read my views about it... go there. It won't be as long as my Ring post, theres not as much to say about it.


3rd May, 2003 12:42 (UTC)
hahaha... yeah figured you'd answer that one ;)

She is cool.. that show cracks me up. Its like what the powderpuff girls would have been if their creators weren't on crack. :)
3rd May, 2003 13:21 (UTC)
I have never actually watched Kim Possible. But, it's my nickname, so I cheer for her. hehe
3rd May, 2003 13:57 (UTC)
haha... its one of the better cartoons around atm. But its not fabulous.. just entertaining. Sometimes tho the writing just makes me laugh like hell.

Mind you I've only seen a few episodes.