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Tra la laaaa....

Ok I want to say Thank you to Elsje for the parcel I got recently. I should have posted yesterday.. but with the car thing, I forgot.

Elsje is wonderful and loads of other adjectives that fail me right now. She got me a birthday prezzie from my US Amazon wishlist! The first two Transmetropolitan books! WHOO! thank you LOADS hon. Cheered me up no end.. and I needed it *mondo hugs*

Well I'm at work atm, and there is still no word on the Motorised Phoenix Of Doom... aka my car. I recon its going to be 500-600 pounds. Ick. Also.. I am does up on paramol.. which is nice strong painkillers. Codine and Paracetamol.. good stuff. Now all I have is a faint dull ache in my jaw. yay me.

anyhow.. must post some pics when I get home. Though I'm seeing X-Men 2 tonight. yaw!


5th May, 2003 10:18 (UTC)
Creature? Hmm.. interesting...
5th May, 2003 14:32 (UTC)
I meant it in a good way.. :)
5th May, 2003 14:37 (UTC)
Fair enough... and that is an adorable icon btw.
5th May, 2003 14:39 (UTC)
Why thankyou :D
I wish it was a kidlet I knew (or had..!).
(as opposed to random photograph..)