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Where I Was....

(stolen from lethebasil as I thought it was a jolly good idea)

Twenty years ago - I was 3 years old, and starting school later in the year. I don't have very many clear memories from this time, but I have one or two. Mainly I remember not having a care in the world.

Ten years ago - I was 13. High School was boring, but what else is new? Not much happend here really. Started feeling left out in the whole "getting a girlfriend" thing that was going on...

Five years ago - I was 18. My life was Hell. I was stressing in A-Level work, deep in a cyclic depression/sociopathism that would basically mean I didn't give a fuck about anyone or anything for a week or two. Wrote a lot of bad poetry. I was surrounded by a circle of friends that all wanted to bitch about each other to me. Spent most of my time pissed off at the lack of ability the school had to cater to my aims and goals. Wrote some good poetry. About this time - my first contact with drugs ranging from pot to LSD.. that summer was a summer of escape. Got bored of drugs (not that I did them that heavily).. found a good university cource and new friends...

One year ago - I was starting climbing out of a deep pit of emotional tar that had peaked around my birthday (which I spent mostly in tears). Started looking for a new job.. any job that wasn't telephone sales.

Yesterday - . Ached a lot.. recovered from jet lag. Missed Avi.

Tomorrow - Miss Avi, work out what visa's I need, sit on computer... listen to music.

Man... those hit some lows in my life. There were some happy points I must tell you!

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