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Yes, the evil trio finally reveals it true form!


Yes... this would be Rock City. Its in Georgia. This apparently explains a lot ("mind them 'tards y'all"). Rock City, as far as I can tell spoils a perfectly beautiful area of Lookout Mountain by charging $15 for the chance to see banjo playing gnomes. Yes... gnomes.. of the country music persuastion. Uh...huh...

Anyhow, not that we actually went in there, just shopped at its tacky gift shop for.. well... tacky gifts. We'd spend that day with cmpriest playing tour guide (something she seems to enjoy, and its a lot of fun) around Lookout, and The Chatt in general. Its a lovely area... really pretty. Downtown is fun, though I can see there being a lack to do, its nice. Let me tell you.. its a lot more lively than Brentwood.. so its a step up and much more fun (no matter what Cherie says... The Chatt is muchos betteros than Brentwood).

The Chatt is also hella haunted by the looks of things. Lots of ghost stories... which you'd expect as its the scene of some of the bloodiest fighing of the civil war, but some of the stories are not so soldier based. Theres a place in town (which is bright pink - protective mental colouring if ever I saw it) it used to be a mental hospital... well calling it a nut house would actually be a better term. Its now an apartment building, and you can still see where they used to put food through holes in the walls to the crazies. The rooms are supposedly soundproof, but that doesn't stop some people from hearing screaming in the night....

oh.. did I mention I WANT to live there? ;)

Anyhow.. more photos.. well when I can be bothered. I'm stuck using Avi's Mac laptop, which - while v.cool - is a bit of a pain to type on as its keyboard is wierd (I like mac's, but they can be a pain in odd ways). Avi's PC and now internet at home have gone rather nuts, hence the post drought.

See y'all soon now y'hear?


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14th Apr, 2003 16:03 (UTC)
that picture is AWESOME!! hehe.
yes, lookout mountian is cheapened by the tourist market that has exploded there. but it's still a half way decent place, if you can avoid those pesky gnomes. lol.
yes, more PICS!! MOOOREE! :-p
yall keep on having fun now, aight? :-p
14th Apr, 2003 16:24 (UTC)
I LOVE that picture!!!
14th Apr, 2003 17:46 (UTC)
That is the fucking funniest picture of all time. It made me laugh long and hard!!!!!! ALMOST made me feel better, yay!
15th Apr, 2003 14:38 (UTC)
hehe... *huggles* I hope you DO feel better hon..

I've not been keeping up on my friends list much, but I did get the msg that you weren't good *squeeze*

Glad it gave you a funny ;)
14th Apr, 2003 20:52 (UTC)
do you know how hard it is to stifle laughter to keep from waking the dreaded Joshymonster when coming across that picture at 11pm? I am glad you guys are having fun!!!
15th Apr, 2003 14:39 (UTC)
No.. how hard is it? ;)

We are having fun.. lots :D
15th Apr, 2003 14:45 (UTC)
as hard as a masochist's nipples while he or she is being flogged. *GRIN* I could not help but say that!!!!
15th Apr, 2003 14:46 (UTC)
See where your mind is today missy! ;)
15th Apr, 2003 14:59 (UTC)
well, can you blame me? btw, i order you to give avi a big kiss when you see her next. *whapow!*
16th Apr, 2003 13:29 (UTC)
hahaha... your wish is my command! ;)
14th Apr, 2003 22:16 (UTC)
*giggle-snorts galore* Excellent picture, ole chap! hahahaha!
(Deleted comment)
15th Apr, 2003 14:42 (UTC)
Avi actually ended up passing that on to me... but yeah it sounds like good fun :)

Hell if I can survive Bob and Mom tonight I'll survive anything...
16th Apr, 2003 08:59 (UTC)
Yes, the tackiest place on earth. It would look so much better if the took away all the gnomes and just close down the gift shop. Seriously, who would want to buy a rock when you can pick one up off the trail? You could have even taken some of those shiny rocks that were stuck to the wall of that tunnel (which I've done before:) Yeah, feck Rock City, go to Disney World:)
16th Apr, 2003 13:30 (UTC)
Haha... yes I would love to, but its a bit futher away and a lot more expensive ;)
16th Apr, 2003 15:09 (UTC)

The horror..:O
16th Apr, 2003 20:08 (UTC)
I wanna go see the crazy house..actually yeah the correct term would be mental health institution nowadays:) I don't believe in ghosts..so no big deal..but the treatments they used to have back in the day were horrible.
16th Apr, 2003 21:02 (UTC)
Yeah I know the proper term.. I have friends who work in that field.

But frankly... when it was used it was a nut house... a place for housing nutters. There was very little treatment at that time...
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