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We've got a lot of milk!

From : Adrian Wild-Smith
To : darkcyst
Date : 10 April 2003 15:30:12
Subject : We've got a lot of milk!
What's happened on the luggage front? Presumably Avionne is still managing to suffer your presence - she needs several medals. As you might have noted [via subject] we've got a full fridge which is unusual, something must be missing ..... but I can't remember what!
Hope you're having a busy and interesting time.

Wuh.. huh? What? Noooo...
Its a conspiracy to blame me for milk consumption I tell you! A CONSPIRACY!


Yes, well... luggage arrived yesterday late morning.. 24 hours late, but its here. Unfortunately they had to break and remove the lock (bah) and its looking a bit more dirty than it was, but I guess that is what happens to luggage over time.

So far I have sampled lots of American Cuisine.. so.. thats Taco Bell and Blimpies (like a Subway), and er.. 'Pickle Barrel' basically. I met Cherie, who's a lot of fun, and tonight is a riverboat cruise that is something to do with Avi's work.

Currently its been wet.. though warm. Something essentially un-english about warm rain. Its VERY pretty here, all woods and mountains. I've seen the Chattanooga Choo Choo (sing it.. I know you want to) and well.. its very pretty - in a hotel kind of way.

I'm going on a tour with our Able Guide™ Ms Cherie Priest on Sat around the area.. Civil Wars places.. Lookout Mountain.. etc. Looking forward to it.

Anyhooo... leave you with that for now. I'll have pictures at some point!



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10th Apr, 2003 08:17 (UTC)
Your mum and dad rock.
10th Apr, 2003 14:11 (UTC)
heh... yeah sometimes.

Mainly when I'm not living with them :)
10th Apr, 2003 14:17 (UTC)
I bet they say the same thing about you.
11th Apr, 2003 17:56 (UTC)
Yeah.. I don't doubt it.
(Deleted comment)
10th Apr, 2003 14:08 (UTC)
Well I cooked last night (a bit later than was planned) and have plenty of the meat sauce left over (we had Fettuchini and my speciality meat pasta sauce).

So that was nice.. Avi liked it.

Can't wait till sat.. will be good :D
10th Apr, 2003 08:27 (UTC)
Blimpies is not even compareable to a Subway, mister man. Sooooooo much better in my opinion. I'd die before I ate at Subway but craaaaave Blimpies.

Okay, there's my food rant for the day. I've got very fond memories of the pickel barrel. And pictures.

James, Jess, Bo and I on what I think was our last night in Chattanooga. :-)

Glad you're enjoying your stay. It was a pleasure to talk to you guys last night.

10th Apr, 2003 14:10 (UTC)
It was great to talk to you again :) Have to do it again.
10th Apr, 2003 08:39 (UTC)
Hope you have a great time! :)
When are you getting back? (just wondered)

Take care x x x
10th Apr, 2003 13:04 (UTC)
You can't have him back. He's mine and he is going to stay here with me!
10th Apr, 2003 14:14 (UTC)
11th Apr, 2003 10:21 (UTC)
What the hell is going on in your icon?
11th Apr, 2003 17:56 (UTC)
The freaks? Scroll back a while in my journal to watch the video its from... VERY funny
10th Apr, 2003 14:12 (UTC)
I am having a great time :D

I get back (if I'm not handcuffed to this desk at that point) on the 24th.. (leave on the 23rd).

Good to hear from you :)
10th Apr, 2003 11:27 (UTC)
I love hearing your observations on America. It's so cool to look at things through the eyes of someone who has never been.
10th Apr, 2003 14:13 (UTC)
I'll have to do a full "What Makes America Weird" rant :)
10th Apr, 2003 14:20 (UTC)
That would be cool. Of course, I wil rebut with a "What Makes England Weird" rant. hehe
11th Apr, 2003 17:56 (UTC)
Well I'd expect nothing less...

And I bet we find we agree ;)
11th Apr, 2003 23:35 (UTC)
On both counts. hehe
12th Apr, 2003 10:46 (UTC)
I'm glad you are enjoying your stay:) It was nice to finally have met you and to have KICKED YOUR ASS in Tekken TAG!!! Muhahahah:)

Today is a beautiful day..nice and sunshiny..I hope you all are having a great time with the tourist sites..the scenic sites..I am supposed to be going to Lookout Mountain today as well..the other side that we didn't get to last time..who knows..anyways, it's lovely.
13th Apr, 2003 12:08 (UTC)
Ass kicking? nooo.. but certainly a good buttock prod ;)

Anyhow.. I've actually played it some more now.. bet the smack would be layed down.

Loookout was luurrrrrrvely... I'll post some piccies if avi's pc works.
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