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Spent a all too short friday afternoon with little miss RinnyWee. She was heading up to Manchester for an OU conference, so we thought we'd hook up. For those of you that don't know.. (if anyone actaully reads this thing) Rinny and I go way back, and its always great to see her. I try to see her at least once a year.. and its great when I do.

Anyhow.. enough Rinny praise ;)

I met her at Waterloo station off the Eurostar, then we took a quick ride up the Northern Line to Euston where she had to get a train from. We'd found a nice resturant on the internet that was nearby (useful in'it?) The Great Nepalese, I heartily recomend it. We talked, had lunch, and she left. Taking her spawing bag with her.

Miss Erin Of Wee

"What the fuck?"

She aparently hates her profile.. don't you hate it when beautiful ppl think they're ugly?

Here's to the Wee... wishing there was more time in the world.. especially when it was spent in the company of thee and on such a lovely day in London.

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