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The Invasion Begins....

Yup.. I'm sitting at Avi's desk atm,

We got in at 3am... so 8am by my time.. I was very tired.
Currently I am still wiating for my luggage (funnnn) as it seems to have got left in Chigago.. great! Luckily I was sensible and put some spare clothes in my other bag.. so I'll be ok till they send it into Chattenooga airport (which could be today.. or tomorrow).

The flight was good (oooh I have some beautiful pictures in the air) and was actually pretty roomy. I was impressed. The food was nice, very nice, and I got to watch a couple of movies and listen to their 'radio' - I put on the classical station.. something about 40,000ft and sunshine just meant that it was the only sensible choice.. so pretty.

Anyhow... msg you when I can. I'll send a postcard to you :)




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(Deleted comment)
7th Apr, 2003 10:27 (UTC)
Mine tastes be varied true m'lady, and I doth manglest the queens good english ;)

I'm easy.. I had taco bell (mmm I'm a convert) for lunch so.. maybe not mexican.. but other than that I like most stuff.

I shall trust your judgement.
(Deleted comment)
7th Apr, 2003 11:10 (UTC)
heh.. :P well I shall see you later... YAY! *bounces*
7th Apr, 2003 09:07 (UTC)
Get out of my country you redcoat! We beat you once before, we'll do it again.

Well, we will reconsider nuking the UK into the stoneage for this transgression if you give us Tony Blair. We'll even give you Bush to settle the deal.

How long will you be in the states? And where are you, anyway? Anywhere near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania?
7th Apr, 2003 10:31 (UTC)
Re: Invasion!
Hang on... we give you Tony.. and you give us Bush? What did WE do to deserve THAT?? the horror... the horror...

I'm in the states till the 23rd, I'm staying in Chattenooga TN, and will have a brief sojourn to Atlanta at some point... so if my memory of US states is ok.. not THAT close.. unless you fancy a long drive ;)
7th Apr, 2003 11:16 (UTC)
Re: Invasion!
We just want to be rid of Bush in the most convienent way possible. Getting Tony Blair would only sweeten the deal. If you take him, you can do what you want with him, as long as you take pictures and publish them.

TN? Damnit. I don't have THAT much free time to cruise on down to Chattenooga Choo-Choo on a weekend. If you had waited a month, it would have been different, but as it is now...alas.

What is the reason for your vile invasion of our great land? Are you trying to steal our precious bodily fluids, like the damn communists? Or maybe steal our air?
7th Apr, 2003 15:22 (UTC)
Re: Invasion!
Well.. you never know.. if I find work I may stay.

But mainly it is to see my girl - ms shineyquarter
7th Apr, 2003 11:42 (UTC)
Have loads of fun and give Avi and extra hug for me.

See you at Fantasm!
7th Apr, 2003 15:27 (UTC)
yay! That I will :D
7th Apr, 2003 11:47 (UTC)
Yay that you arrived safely, and that you had a good flight! Here's hoping you & Avi have an UBER awesome time...AGAIN! ^_^
7th Apr, 2003 15:28 (UTC)
I'm sure we will... hopefully my luggae will turn up soon (they say it is 'being delivered' and will turn up at some point tonight)
7th Apr, 2003 12:06 (UTC)
wierdly enough...
Can't wait to meet you even though we have never conversed. Tell avi to let you out occasionally this week.

ta ta and all that
7th Apr, 2003 15:32 (UTC)
Re: wierdly enough...
hehe.. was at Southern earlier today. :)

Be good to see you too :D
7th Apr, 2003 12:17 (UTC)
Welcome to America!! (Is this your first time here?) Yay for Taco Bell! Taco Bueno sucks.

I think there is a war on the airlines. The American one lost yours. On my way back to here from England, KLM UK lost mine. Well, they didn't lose it, they just neglected to put it on the plane that was taking me to Memphis! AND, it was the suitcase that had all my souvenirs in it!

I started to say I hope you guys have fun, but I KNOW you will!! YAY!!
7th Apr, 2003 15:37 (UTC)
It is indeed my first time in the states... and only the 3rd time I was on a plane.

Yeah.. luggage sucks :(
Apparently Chicago is famous for misplacing and then having to forward luggage!
7th Apr, 2003 12:33 (UTC)
glad your flight was good! yall have a great time together. :)
7th Apr, 2003 15:39 (UTC)
I plan to.. thanks! :D

Any suggestions for a typical slice of US life?
7th Apr, 2003 15:43 (UTC)
apple pie? with ice cream?? i dunno. pretty much everything we have has been exported over the big pond anyways! :)
just enjoy avi. that's your us life. :-p
7th Apr, 2003 21:48 (UTC)
Thats true.. and I am :)
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