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Why I love london....

London's new erection.. the glowing gerkin...

I love sunset in this city...

Bwandi is still with us! hehe..

The Globe Theatre, a blast from the past


20th Mar, 2003 10:46 (UTC)
thats a shame.. I bet you HAVe the alleys, just not painted them up like that ;)
20th Mar, 2003 10:58 (UTC)
i suppose in places like NYC and San Fransisco there are some alleys like that, but generally speaking they arn't fixed up or you don't want to go down them past sundown.
it seems to be a facet of the US's general disinterest in anything old or historical. they would rather tear something down and rebuild a new building than preserve the old structure and fix it up. it all really sad actually.
20th Mar, 2003 16:24 (UTC)
yeah.. that is :(