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ok.. she'll be here in 17 hours..


edit - I won't be posting very much over the next ten days, at least commenting anyhow. We're under orders to post at least once a day to keep certain ppl happy ;)

So you'll prolly get a pic a day.. which is prolly a 600% increase in my post per week count ;)

anyhow... back to biting my nails...


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6th Mar, 2003 09:59 (UTC)
6th Mar, 2003 10:07 (UTC)
You know, my hubby and I met on the internet and didn't meet in person for a year. By the time we did meet in person we knew each other so well mentally & psychologically that nothing else really mattered.
It's going to be fine my dear. In fact, it's likely going to be incredible!
6th Mar, 2003 10:22 (UTC)
Hehe... Yeah, I met my husband over a year and a half later and I had a pretty good idea of things too. It's funny how people can click and nothing else really matters. I really think it'll be the same for Avi & Greg. If it's anything like when I met Avi, it'll go wonderful. I was nervous and she really put me at ease. *grin*

It'll go incredible! I second xsyntrik on that!
6th Mar, 2003 10:26 (UTC)
You both are too cute for words *hugs you both*

Thank you.. for everything :)
6th Mar, 2003 13:48 (UTC)
LOL - See! Point proven!

It really is awesome to find 'that' person on the internet, I mean you get to know them in a whole different way than you would someone you met in a bar or something. No aesthetics involved, I like that.
6th Mar, 2003 10:26 (UTC)
Stay Cool
Stay cool my friend, sure she is beautifull, amazing,
and will take youre breath away and my youre heart explode with
joy and anticepation, but hey nothing to get nervous and panic about. :)
Have fun my friend let the beating of your heart tell you how you will
always love being around her.
6th Mar, 2003 12:08 (UTC)
GET those fingers out of your face, young man! This is no time for Dilly-Dally! You must make sure that you are as well prepaired as you can - in the case of the bachelor this amounts to 'wash the socks and hide the porn'. But seriously - you two probably know eachother so well that apart from the 'oh - hey - you're.. *here* ... eerrr.. hi...' *hug* 'hello... mm you smell good.. err *blush*..hey'-stage (a legit phase) you'll be FINE. And don't rip eachother's clothes off at the airport - it scares the staff.
6th Mar, 2003 12:32 (UTC)
Re: Atteeeeen-TION!
HEHE they are going to have a hard time not ripping their cloths off
each other when they meet , and if they do it at the airport at least
airport security wont have to do a body search for any weapons.
Well maybe they will find something on him but thats permenatly attached I think. :)
6th Mar, 2003 13:53 (UTC)
Re: Atteeeeen-TION!
*is blinded merely by the thought*
6th Mar, 2003 14:12 (UTC)
Re: Atteeeeen-TION!
yes... god-like it blinds you.

They TOLD you it would make you go blind in the end Erin :P
6th Mar, 2003 17:39 (UTC)
Aww, well she's very lucky to be meeting you!! You'll be fine! I know it! You'll so totally enjoy it and wonder why you worried!

And THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH sweetie for the Hamtaro...that just so totally made my week. It's so so sweet of you! I can't thank you enough!!
7th Mar, 2003 00:23 (UTC)
hehe.. glad you got it hon *hugs*
8th Mar, 2003 14:54 (UTC)
ooooh, have a good time :D
x x x
9th Mar, 2003 09:19 (UTC)
just saw you answered my poll...not that i would EVER delete you! but anyway...how's it going with Avi??? :)
9th Mar, 2003 09:35 (UTC)
Its going well! *beams*

thanks honey *hugs*
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