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In case you didn't know... and how could you? My parents computer died over the weekend, and was down to bare minimum working.. and only when it pleased (sort of like a cat really).

So online shopping I went.

I managed to con my parents/get payment for my services by them agreeing to providing me with a new case, while they use mine. My case is simple and works, bit big for them perhaps, but its all they'll ever need. Anyhow.. I need a nice case as compensation - they'll have a computer 3 times as powerful as mine *cries*

so... bow before the new case!


It is a very very nice, lockable, easy to open, 'SHINEY' SILVER case *grins*

Ok.. so for the next little while I shall be gutting my machine to put it in said case, so I shall be offline. I am also dead tired from having to get up for delivery men at 9am (after less than 6 hours sleep) and I know I'll be working till midnight tonight at the club.. not the best combination for PC work I can assure you.

Anyhow... hopefully I will be back online later, and with no fuss (god I hope so) after that I get to put together the parents computer.. a 1.7 Athlon XP... nice no? *sighs*

oh.. and before I forget - I made an Avicon :D

The Inner Goth

ooooh shes going to kill me for that ;)

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