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oh dear oh dear...

I love it when people in 'the industry' -whatever industry that is - start making comments that most people can see are just plain wrong.

and example would be the deluded Real Networks boss and file sharing. Now I don't disagree that you can limit internet piracy, of cource you can provide alternatives.

Howerver you can't say that you can stop it. The service Real provides sounds atrocious.. you can only dl to certain music players.. etc.. What if I don't want to? Tough.. well ok then, no custom for you. Also statements like "digital rights management (DRM) technology has reached a point where the widespread piracy of media can be stopped. " just show that people learn nothing over the years. That new cd protection thing that stops people loading music cd's into their PC's was an attrocious faliure. Not only did people complain that they couldn't listen legitamatley to CDs on their Pc (ike in my case, I run my pc through my stereo, the cd is broken in it.. so I HAVE TO use the PC for cd's) but the tech also meant that a large portion of Discmans and stereo systems couldn't read them.

Plus at the end of the day.. if you can listen to something, you can copy it. In a digital sence, all you have to do is find a way to bypass the copy protection. Games developers have recently given up adnvacing copy protection at the rabit rate they used to. Why? because its more trouble that its worth. People that want to copy a game will do so, you can only at best stop the opertunistic copiers.

My favourite part of this article is this:
"He points to the example of DVDs, which are copy-protected yet at the same time easy to use."

Yes, that would be why I have dvd rips on my hdd, and I can buy pirate dvds at my local market for £15 for 2 films on one disc. Uh huh... worked so wel lthat did didn't it?

When will these people learn? Provide content that people want.. and want rabidly, then supply that cntent at a sensible price,and they WILL buy it, sure some ppl will copy it, that happens, but lots of people will shell out their money for a reasonably priced quality product.

Just look at the original playstation - some people have suggested that because the games were widely pirated the console actaulyl sold more. I know for a fact that some people I know bought a PSX just because they could get a game for a fiver - but they also bought legitamate games too.

Accept piracy... deal with it as best you can... then move on.


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18th Feb, 2003 12:03 (UTC)
I wish these corporate fat-cats would just shut up. All they're trying to do is please investors.

And imo; the biggest thing stopping file sharing, is running out of ideas of what to download, and having a lame connection to download (whatever) with.
18th Feb, 2003 16:28 (UTC)
*nods* Lets face it.. very few people will download a whole album. And those that do will not buy that album anyhow..

The best thing you could do would be to provide a service that burnt tracks you specify to a CD for you, that is shipped to you. A proper printed thing, not just a CDR.

Would provide a nice alternative to file sharing, or even a companion. Not everyone has CD-R's
18th Feb, 2003 16:26 (UTC)
In late September five music companies and three music retailers were fined more than $143million after being found guilty of fixing CD prices too high.

Yes indeed.. I refer you to my past rant about music...
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