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woke up this mornin'....

doo doo doo doo doo...
With a fucking nosebleed......

bah... whats that all about? Was about time I changed the sheets anyhow, but still.. wtf?

Anyhow.. parents are currently stressing because they have fucked up their computer. They claim they "didn't do anything" which really is the problem.. they didn't organise files, unistall anything properly, or in fact maintain the system at all.. for just over 3 years. So finally the computer has gone "arrrgghh".

I'm installing XP onto it atm, hopefully I won't have too many conversations along the lines of "Whats this do?" "exactly what it did before..."

meh.. all I can taste is blood...


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16th Feb, 2003 06:37 (UTC)
that's gotta suck, waking up with a nosebleed. :[
16th Feb, 2003 07:37 (UTC)
yes.. I was like.. "eww.. I'm all snotty.."

Put my hand up thinking that my nose was running.. nope ocmes down all covered in blood.

I was suddenly not sleepy..
16th Feb, 2003 07:32 (UTC)
LOL - both my parents and my hubby's parents 'never do anything' when their computers die. Needless to say it's always up to hubby to 'fix' whatever problem has occured.

Sorry 'bout your nosebleed. I have never had one but I think it would freak me out! What causes yours?
16th Feb, 2003 07:39 (UTC)
no idea what caused it.

I don't usually get them.. so wierd...

And yeah... I mean my parents have been using computers almost as long as me, but they are just THICK around them.
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