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Avast thee...

"If people want to download my music thats fine, go ahead. It doesn't bother me.."
- Robbie Williams

Once again the music industry has found that its sales have dropped. Album sales have dropped and single sales are going down faster than a cheap hooker. The music industry is universally blaming increased piracy for the drops. Of cource there is another simpler explanation that springs to mind for me.. let me spell it out:

The majority of music is overpriced crap that many would prefer to pay to be stricken from the human races history forever rather than buy!

However it is for this reason that I think they may be correct about priacy, but not quite how they are telling it. I think that it is because the music is so bad that people are resorting to the (very easy) other methods to obtain music. Mp3's allow me to asses an album or artist quite well before I spend my money on them. If I find very few songs I like by an artist I will not spend the money required to buy the whole album. This brings me to my next point. Overcharging. I recently bought the Snake River Conspiracy album Sonic JiHad. I found out about this band through a friend sending me some mp3's. They are not played in this country except on obscure music TV channels that no-one has. Without mp3's and music swapping I would not have spent my money.

However then we actually come to the money... stupidly my local record store allowed me to see the price they pay for the album when they ordered it on their computer. They pay £8.26. Remember that number... for I paid £14.99 for it... 14.99!!!!! thats a markup of nearly seven pounds - over $10 for you americans! What kind of mickey mouse crap is this? Thats almost twice what it costs them!!

It was a real debate as to if I was going to pay that for a moment... I did, I have the album in the cd player atm, but I almost didn't. THIS is why people don't buy as many records, even the good ones are priced insanely! When you can't trust the quality of an album or artist (and you often can't nowadays) are the record people surprised sales are down? If they are.. why?

I can weed out the crap bands online, the crap songs, and I don't have to pay for it. Granted that I'd like to see the artists paid for their work, but when I only like one song on an entire album.. should I pay for that whole product? I don't think so. Artists mostly don't mind piracy (at least most of the ones that have any talent) because they know that if people like them then they will spread the word and probably buy the next album. Plus its the best way to break into foriegn markets.

As for singles.... well they are about a quarter of the price of an album, so is it surprising they don't sell? no.

Stupid record companies...


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12th Feb, 2003 09:45 (UTC)
do you want to know how much a cd cost's in iceland?
the general price is around 2599 kr! that is around $34!!!!!!!!!!!! how insane is that?
and when you order it of amazon or something you have to pay tax and some special handling price and this and that and then it costs about the same, sometimes MORE!!!!!
it is so ridiculous and stupid and i hate it!!!!!!
12th Feb, 2003 11:08 (UTC)
omg... iceland si teh suX0rz...

Thats awful! Mind you Sigur Ros dosn't cost that much there right...? right???
12th Feb, 2003 12:54 (UTC)
it doesn't matter if it is icelandic or not :o( so sigur ros are as expensive as anything else :o(
12th Feb, 2003 14:54 (UTC)
boooooo :(

I guess its because the CD is made outside iceland :(
13th Feb, 2003 01:46 (UTC)
perhaps, but still, the amount of money you have to pay is just way too fucked up!!!
13th Feb, 2003 03:25 (UTC)
yeah.. agreed. That is insane.
12th Feb, 2003 10:52 (UTC)
Actually the price they are charging sounds about right for what they paid for it. At the local game store I know the guy who runs it buys the books or games at about half the price the sells them at. That's just how business is done so he can pay shipping, wages, electric bills, the rent on the store, taxes, and other expenses.

Generally the person who makes the product sells it to a distrubtor who doubles the price. They in turn sell whatever the product is to the retailers who in turn double the price again.
12th Feb, 2003 11:15 (UTC)
I know that is general practice... I was complaining about the fact that it IS general practice.

More poeple would buy music if it was cheaper, so they'd be able to have the same budget at least.

I've worked in retail.. and in the pub business - I know about markups (15 pounds a keg, and 2.10 a pint.. you do the math)..

Just because its general practice doesn't make it right.
12th Feb, 2003 13:58 (UTC)
yes, well...
that is what you pay in a store like HMV or Virgin, but you have to look for the small stores. There is one near me called Parrot records that cuts the price in several ways so that the most you pay for a CD is £12, and mostly they are £10. Of course you have to pay by cash, but since you know this before you go in this is not a problem. The shop itself is not decked out too fancy, and the records are not totally in order but you can get most of what you can elsewhere for much less.
12th Feb, 2003 14:56 (UTC)
Re: yes, well...
this was at an independant record store called moondance records.

The price would be about 16.99 prolly in HMV/Virgin

So yes, they are better, but still....
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