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Words cannot express this....

This says more than I ever could...

WARNING - graphic, do not open if you have a weak stomach.. or then again, perhaps you should.


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9th Feb, 2003 19:02 (UTC)
This is an excellent website. It should be the number one site on the internet. Very compelling. I love to drink and do so a couple of times a week, but I have never even considered getting behind the wheel when I do. It infuriates me to see parents, out with their children, having drinks at dinner. With both of them drinking, regardless of whether it's just one or two beers, who's going to drive? They are risking the lives of their own children as well as someone else's.
9th Feb, 2003 19:35 (UTC)

I know those image will stay with me for as long as I live. Every time someone talks about drink driving.. there they'll be
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