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Everybody's choking now...

Behold... LiveJournal Icons for your pleasure!


Have no idea what on earth these are? Well download the video here:

you know you want to dance with them.


Click my link! Join My Army!
feeling a bit left out in the clicky linky stakes *sob*

*edit* - actaully I'm losing interest in the whole KoC thing... they have gotten so buggy recently (example - I lost 200k just now.. in one go. My entire treasury. Why? Someone attacked me.. fine, but they sucked, and also your not supposed to be able to lose your whole treasury.. now they got my cash has their cash gone up? no.. so basically I lost all my cash to the ether.. great.) They also seem unable to go day to day without their server going down... so I'm not sure I can be arsed with them.

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