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I've played around with the layout of mny journal.. fonts and layout and other stuff. Check it out if you like, as I know most ppl view other peoples journals through their friends page.

I actaully fixed some of the LJ code as it was buggy as hell. Styles are useful like that. Removed a few formatting errors that were in there, and added a few things.

I''m still working on my friends page because the disjointed style doesn't display your icons by default.. and that sucks. I got it to display them but, if you look, it doesn't seem to display all of them.. work that out. I'll have to see if its another LJ formating error or me cocking up somewhere.. but if its me I don't know why it only does it sometimes.

*shrugs* anyhow finished work now, off home to be harrased by the parents about finding a replacement job when I'm not sure exactly the details of losing the job I have. Great fun. Love it.


P.S. - Avi's back tonight! WHOOOOO! :D I've missed her.

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