DarkCryst (darkcryst) wrote,

Livejournal and its new ideas...

Ok, perhaps I was the last to know, but if anyone didn't.. here goes.

Livejournal is thinking about limiting the number of posts per day. If you are thinking about complaining about this then please.. PLEASE read this post by cmpriest and shut up. She addresses most complaints perfectly there.

Still want to complain? Get a frigging life.

If you read the comments on this Lj-News Post all you see is whining about how its unfair. I swear some people just live to complain. I've been accused of that before, and I object to it - I complain when something affects me. 99% of users are not going to be affected.

The post limits are:

3-5 posts for Free Users (not confirmed exactly how many atm)
10 for Early Adopters
20 for Perm/Paid.

I'm a permanant user... I've not made more than 5 per day. This includes community posting, so that will sting a bit more to free users, but still. I mean... I can't even think of a way I could use 20 posts! Some Perm users are complaining that we don't get more than paid.. get a grip - we save money in the long run and have more options in general.

Everyone that is complaining just wants something for free. Its behaviour like this that has turned me completely sour on online communites. Its what I hadn't seen in LJ before now, and why I don't look at the Eve-Online boards much anymore.

Stupid people in groups.. sickening.

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