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thats what I say... MEH!

Looking for a new job today because I doubt I'll have mine for the rest of the month.

I miss Avi.

Parents think they are being supportive while they are actaullyy being really the utter reverse and very annoying. They can't see the difference though.

I got, and finished Cherie's book today. Its VERY good. I'll say that again... VERY good. More to come baout that when I'm less.... meh.

Again... I miss Avi.

But I'm glad I have my bwandi to talk to....


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5th Feb, 2003 19:22 (UTC)
I miss Avi too... It's really just not the "same" without her here... Ya know? *sigh* I guess you never realize how much you miss someone until they aren't there for some time.

We'll just pounthe her a lot when she comes back. Deal?

*hugs* I hope tomorrow's better for you. She comes back so we have something to look forward to. *love*
5th Feb, 2003 19:47 (UTC)
yar this is true.

*hugs* I luff me an Avi...
6th Feb, 2003 16:43 (UTC)
I luff me a Greg. *smoooch*

And Brandi gets lotsa pounces from me. :-D
7th Feb, 2003 06:02 (UTC)
hehehe... which I'm sure she loves ;)

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