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A plea...

I'm trying to find a mix of Kylie Minogue - 'Confide In Me' (1994). I have the original version, but I want a specific mix of in on mp3 or similar...

Its called "The Truth Mix" and was on most of the single releases... anyone have the cd around and want to rip it for me?


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3rd Feb, 2003 00:24 (UTC)
ye-ish! (phoaw-phoaw- spit)
Sweetheart, I love you. You know that. But if you have any friends who keep a record of Kylie's, I don't wanna know about it. M'kay?

: )
3rd Feb, 2003 04:11 (UTC)
Re: ye-ish! (phoaw-phoaw- spit)
haha... you know.. normally I'd agree.

However this track is damn good. Its not what you'd expect from here. Very haunting and eiry.

It one of two tracks that are definatly worth listning to by her. The other one being "Where the Wild Roses Grow" with Nick Cave.

Trust me... ignore her poppy crap and listen to those tracks an imagine what she could have been.
5th Feb, 2003 01:28 (UTC)
Her name was Elisa Day
Nick has a knack for bringing out the very best in an artist!

omg! did I just call Kylie an artist?
5th Feb, 2003 13:46 (UTC)
Re: Her name was Elisa Day
hehe.. I would defend her, but not a lot of point.

Mostly she sucks.. but.. I can't help liking her despite it. Trust me though.. both those songs are great (and I really don't rate Nick Cave.. the man can write, but not sing).

Every track he did on Murder Ballads just showed how good the writing was, and how he should be gagged.

But hey.. ;)
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