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well shit...

today looked like it was going well...

then the shuttle crash happened... which sucked, but to be honest.. I'm so far away from it here its like hearing about an earthquake in China. Sure its bad.. but well... its something bad far away.

Not saying thats right... but I guess I grew up hearing tales of bombs going off much closer to home, so perhaps I'm desensitised.

Then just as it was going well again... (saw Catch Me If You Can - a film I highly recomend.. but more on that at a later date) it got sucky again.

Maizie, my sisters pet chinchilla, died while we were out. My sister is rather upset... but it was when she seemed to be upset not about the death (as such.. I mean I know she is) but at that she wasn't involved (it always came down to her... and perhaps thats part of grieving, but I've not seen it in grief before).. thats when.. after holding her and soothing her for about half an hour while my parents watched tv I let them take over.

So yes.... fabulous. Not that a chinchilla is a huge thing in life and all... but she was still Maizie, and we'd all been routing for her (she'd had such a crappy life up till when my sister started taking care of her.. and theres another long story). I guess, as I told Romany... sometimes things just die. You can't always be there. *sighs*

Anyone else want to die today? Guess feburary had to start with a bang.. January being the month of frigging death that it was (everyone I know has had someone they know die, or be seriously hurt, or become seriously ill, or murdered in one case).

Yay for the new year... ring in some cheer.

Like fuck.


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1st Feb, 2003 18:00 (UTC)

Tell Romany I am very sorry and give her a hug from me.
1st Feb, 2003 18:11 (UTC)
*kisses* thanks hon. I'll do so tomorrow when she's more.. er.. stable I think.
1st Feb, 2003 20:33 (UTC)
I found your lj through mslilly. I'm intrigued by your username, as I'm sure you've probably guessed 8^). What's the story behind yours?
2nd Feb, 2003 08:21 (UTC)
hmm there's two reasons behind it... one simple and trite, the other less so.

Tell you what.. I'll make a post detailing it.. simpler that way.

(Deleted comment)
2nd Feb, 2003 08:27 (UTC)
you too! *squeeeeze*

Yeah Catch Me If You Can has jusy come out here (why the delay tween the US and Uk? I dunno) and I have to say I enjoyed it more than any film I have seen in a long time.

1st Feb, 2003 23:54 (UTC)
not because i'm american..i have no american pride...
the shuttle thing really upset me. my roommate was practically crying, and so was i. it's such a tragedy to me. not to say you are cold. there's certainly tragedies i don't care much about, but this seemed really huge. these were intelligent people helping the world by going into space and doing what they wanted and doing research for earth. just seems like such a loss. seems like they were better people than i'll ever be. i feel so sad for anyone who goes down in a crash too because just knowing you're about to die suddenly and having no control...that would kill me...i mean emotionally...
anyway, not saying you're cold, just sharing a different side. i am sorry you went through so much today as well. i also had more bad news today, but it was about a friend.
things will get better. [hugs]
2nd Feb, 2003 08:32 (UTC)
*hugs* I know they will. Stop being so negative about yourself hon *smoooch* you don't need to be.

and I understand your feelings about the crash, but I have to say the real outpouring seems to be in the US.

Over here its like "wow.. that sucks" but somehow it hasn't grabbed ppl the same way. Maybe its a cultural thing.
2nd Feb, 2003 02:55 (UTC)
i wanna shoot whoever said 2003 was going to be better. seriously...
2nd Feb, 2003 08:33 (UTC)
yeah... sucked pretty much so far. well the chinese say its going to be a transitional year.. maybe the last 6 months with rock.. or something.
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