DarkCryst (darkcryst) wrote,

poll answers

I decided to answer the questions some of you asked in the previous poll -

bar_butterfly - well that depends on the writing desk. My gran used to have one that made a very similar sound to a raven when you moved it.
metaline - pounce thee
dreamer79 - 2
shineyquarter - yes ;) and as for the second part.. I'll leave that up to your imagination.
cmpriest - Godamnit I hope so! I'm planning to be there from the 6th of April...
astrab - I have to pick one? ;) hmm I dunno.. theres a wierd perseption that you have to fit into a group (whatever that group maybe) be it big or small... the popularity of Wicca is a good example of misguided 'belonging'
rougie - 42, you should know that :P
kaleidoscopes - I don't know and I wish it wasn't the case. I've never been very good at talking..

so there you go...

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