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London Calling....

I was rifling through some old bits of *gasp* paper...
Something I wrote while having lunch on the banks of the Thames.. just a little way from Cleopatra's Needle...

God I love London.

As I wirte this I am sitting on the Embankment by the Thames. From here I can see the London Eye, turning imperceptably slowly, a ship being put together like a childs model, and the wierd joggers that bound around in odd lycra montrosities.

It's cold but sunny, though as I write that the clouds cover the sun. Typical.

It often amazes me.. ahh sun is out again... anyway. It amazes me that people can find London boring.
Sure there is way to much traffic about, and lots of it is too comercial, but there is more to London than theatre and shopping.

So far I've spent the day wandering down small little roads with names like "Hanging Sword Alley" and "St Tweezer's Alley" names with n unknown history and a magical air.

Many people come to London, few find it.

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