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I said... come on fhqwhgads...

well its jazz club agian tonight..
I've no idea whos on... but it should be nice.. usually is.

In other sadder news... my sisters Chinchilla is unwell.. she's not well anyhow (being a rescused blind, incurable absess, animal).. but now she's having trouble breathing..
Needless to say my sister is very upset atm, and just left ot go to the vets. How my sister is going to cope when she has to deal with sick animals for a living (not a vet, but she's studiing animal science so...) I don't know.

Ah well.. hopefully it'll be good news.


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28th Jan, 2003 11:14 (UTC)
Awwww... poor chinchilla.

I am sitting here trying to remember which name goes with which chinchilla.
28th Jan, 2003 13:28 (UTC)
Maizie is the blind one... looks like its prolly heart disease (100% fatal in chilli's..)

They're taking it in for an xray to confirm.. but my sister isn't taking it well.
28th Jan, 2003 14:00 (UTC)
Um... well give her a hug from me.

Poor little Maizie.
28th Jan, 2003 14:21 (UTC)
yeah :(
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