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I got a christmas present yesturday! Yup.. one whole month late a package arrived from canada.

Canadians - your postal service sucks worse than ours!
However... details of that later

Last night was good fun! Yes I know that sounds pretty amazing, but its true.
White Rain and Return of the Furies were playing.

White rain is dead_battery(Mel)'s band. But more on them later.

After a few issues with sound checking (like our crappy foldback and White Rains Most Complicated Drum Kit award...) the gig was underway. Attendence was worrying me for a bit, but a few more people turned up just as the first band were coming on, and there was a reasonably constant trickle through their set. In the end about 70 people came which, while not packed, is a reasonable attendence.

The first group on was Return of the Furies. Girly boppy fuzzy punk really is the best way to describe them. While I did like them and they performed well (despite foldback problems meaning the singer couldn't hear herself very well) the general comment I heard was - nice, but wasa bit bland.

I can't really disagree with this, but it was good. Trouble was that a lot of the tracks sounded very very similar. They played a great track at the end of their set though, and overall I think they were well worth it. Its always nice to see a girl rock band kicking it out with the lads.

White Rain were up next. They went down a storm.. everyone I spoke to really liked them and thought their set was great. I was a bit worried about the lead vocalists voice at first, but he picked up after a song or two and they really had no problems at all after that.

Mel - you're bass playing was fine I don't want to hear any complaints like you usually have.. so stop it ;)

Definatly going to book them again, perhaps as a support to a more local band.. though maybe as a headline with a local band to help pull people in. I shall think on that monday. I'd like to offer them another headline.. but we'll see. Maybe if Hunger For The Crash are available when I've a date free then that will work.

Overall though everyone of the (very picky) regulars loved it.. and I got to pay them a reasonable ammount too.. I like it when I can do that.

I know they've got another gig tonight at Musictek in Romford, so good luck guys.

*raises a glass* Was fun, here's to another one. :)

edit - MSN is being a bitch and unfortunatly though m'dear Avi was awake at silly am to talk to me it won't let me back on.. hope you get some rest hon..


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25th Jan, 2003 04:01 (UTC)
MSN is just plain down. I can't get online either.

*hugs and kisses*

I am going to bed.
25th Jan, 2003 04:12 (UTC)
good.. get some sleep hon *smooch*

26th Jan, 2003 10:36 (UTC)
ooh, thanks for the good review :)

I really enjoyed Friday night, and it was nice to see you at last!

I won't complain about my playing Friday or last night, as it was okay :) I've got a lot more confidence now than I used to have onstage, so I tend to fuck up less (I used to get unbelievably nervous before every single gig).

I'm gonna write all this again on my journal.. hehe.

See you soon hopefully! :D xxx
26th Jan, 2003 19:04 (UTC)
yeah I hope so! What you up to next sat? Fancy a cinema run?

Btw.. a friend of mine (who plays in a band called Dolly Rocker) saw you at musictek.. he thought -
a) the band was good (but not what he likes)
b) You play very well (he's picky and plays bass himself so this a a big complement)
c) you need to cheer up - so its not just me ;)

Basically his comments ammounted to "get more stage presense" which I'll agree with a bit I think. You need to seem more.. er.. active. And yes I know you're the "moody bass player" but its not that great atmosphere wise.. just a thought :)
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