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Have you ever seen a portal?

I watched Donnie Darko today...

I can't decide on what I think about it.
Its clever sure. Its well filmed.. and its really interesting.. but is it good?

See I was left at the end credits going.. "er.. and?"
It IS very clever though.. and for that reason alone is probably better worth your money than say... xXx.
It will make you think.. even if its "why am I still watching this..." you'll answer yourself as well..
"Because I want to know what happens next"

The problem I have with this film is that it seems too busy being angsty and worthy to insert the stuff its being angsty and worthy about.
Its a great visual and emotive film, and it deos have a heart and brain. This imediately puts it above 99% of all US releases I've seen, but I've seen just as good films come out of france.. in fact that is what I thought of it.. "hey look its a french film with american actors" which is a good thing (or at least it is when they are being good).

Maybe its canadian and thats why its got a more cerebral influence, Canada is a great place to make films atm, its cheap and they aren't afraid to think while being entertained. Though its produced by Drew Barrymore's production company.. so I dunno..

It seems to be trying to ask you loads of questions.. but only really hits one - "is Donnie mad, or is he special?" It never really resolves this either way and unfortunatly doesn't give you enough to really make up your own mind.

"Donnie Darko... thats a wierd name.. like a superhero or something.."
"Who says I'm not?"

I do Donnie... sorry. You're cool and stuff, but basically your an over angsty kid with a good heart. Nothing wrong with that though.

IF you havent' seen this film, see it. You'll be impressed. You'll prolly like it. I like it... but I'm not sure exactly why.

It does have a great soundtrack.. creepy and thoughtful, basically like the film, perhaps that helps.
The trouble I have is that basically nothing happens. And I don't mean that litterally - its just that you end up where you started on this one.

They say that the journey is the important thing.. and its a great journey here.

Perhaps I just prefer journeys that don't make you lay the road for yourself.. and then build your destination.


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19th Jan, 2003 00:19 (UTC)
*does happy dance* We rented it and are watching it tonight. YAY! Cherie, Jym and lots of others are coming over, too. I wish you could be here. *hugs*

But yeah... At the end, I was like... Err... and...? Heh. "Things that make ya go hmmmmmmmmmm..."

19th Jan, 2003 08:28 (UTC)
yeah... things that make you go hmmm indeed.

I mean.. I Like it... I think its very well made and stuff...

but I'm really not sure what the aim of it was. Fab music though...

I wish I was at the party and stuff... *sighs* damn the lack of Star Trek style transporters...
19th Jan, 2003 08:49 (UTC)
I told you, you would see it first.

I wish you could come over too!

Then I could have Brandi and Greg to cuddle with. :-D
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