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ok.. going through a LJ drought atm, just don't feel like posting anything much.

I'm sick of just posting random crap.. I think I might get to back to my roots as such, you know, post stuff that matters to me. Rants, feelings, photos.. etc.. events too.. but I feel I've rather been sucked into this whole self congratulating lj drama stuff.

Its not the be all and end all.. if people like my journal thats cool.. if they don't then I'll guess I'll never know.

Then again I could change my mind tomorrow..

I guess I've just been a bit busy with work to bother with it. I work wierd ass hours, so even though I don't work that many hours I end up haveing totally wierd days...

ah well...


18th Jan, 2003 07:26 (UTC)
I have found myself posting for the sake of posting quite a lot recently and have been trying to stop. I don't like posting just to post because then my journal becomes foolish.

btw... I miss you.
18th Jan, 2003 08:22 (UTC)
*hugs* I miss you too.

You have a good time hon... I'm still around ;)