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Ok.. deep breaths... deep breaths..

My computer has fucking died the goddamn piece of $@%! I'll *%$£! its *&$@ up! ARGHHH!!!

*counts to ten in his head* breathe..... breathe...

Right... well... *sighs*

I got a new hard drive last friday, but I've had no real time to ply with the computer and shove it in there. Anyhow.. I wanted to do a clean install onto this baby as its nice and fast (with an 8mb cache and 7200rpm.. for you techno geeks out there.. oh and its 80gig). I had no cd's... so I bought some to back up onto...

So after a bit of a drama (which I wont go into atm) to get a damn spindle of cd's I got them... and started backing stuff up today.

THEN... my computer crashed...

And now my other hdd (an older 10gig - not my boot drive) decides its "not formated". Bastards.

So I've lost all my mp3's a lot of Apps and some work.. to be honest I've no idea the extent of what I've lost as I wasn't paying that much attention.

I am pissed off. MY computer is slow (a 600mhz machine) and I need a new one.. this has crystalised now.. but I don't really have the money. Well... I have a bit, but not enough. So I have resorted to begging. I present my I need Cash fund -

If you want to give me a belated Christmas present, then please donate some money to me. In theory this should work... seems to. So anyhow... pls donate even just a little, for if quite a few of you do then I'll be able to actaully afford something decent.


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