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Some Evergreens on a street corner near me...

In the background is a new housing development, and in the foreground, and old WWII bomb shelter.

Its a path... covered in snow... not a lot more to say really...

Me... covered in snow. Wearing my "demon wasp eye" Oakleys..

I just keep thinking of that scene in LOTR - Fellowship where Frodo goes "GET OF THE ROAD!"
Imagine a Nazgul bounding through the snow at you from this picture.... *shivers*

I love how clean everything looks when its been snowing. And although the roads are like ice rinks atm, its all good. I took a walk through it all.. about three inches.. and just loved how hushed and quiet it was...

The sound of my feet crunching the snow in that wierd grinding squeak that snow makes...

I have regressed to a 10 year old again... and I love it... WHEEEEEE! :D

*throws a snowball at you all*

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