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Its monday...

As some people might say.... a case of the mondays.

I've been ill... had a killer headache all day, was off work because of it. Both jobs. Great. *sigh*
At least its basically better now.. I've got that subtle lightheaded feeling you have just as the pain is gone but your head still wants to be the center of attention.

I'll be back at work tomorrow though.

Also... monday means new StrongBad! Yup... now I can watch them properly, I have become addicted too. Being the graphics monkey that I am I thought I'd give you all a StrongBad treat that I knocked up...

Click on image to get a full wallpaper size version!

Enjoy it! back to goofing off er.. chatting with Avi er... stuff. I'll leave you on this note..

Ravenas says:
thongs are interesting
Greg says:
lol.. oh really? how so?
Ravenas says:
it's like going commando, but having a wedgie


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6th Jan, 2003 17:20 (UTC)
got your xmas card today love!! thanks so much! *mwah*
6th Jan, 2003 17:27 (UTC)
yay! finally :D

damn international mail.. didn't want you to think I'd forgotten you *hugs*
7th Jan, 2003 09:54 (UTC)
Scroooll-ah Buttooonees!
Yay for StrongBad :D
7th Jan, 2003 16:46 (UTC)
Re: Scroooll-ah Buttooonees!

yay indeeed :D

7th Jan, 2003 10:26 (UTC)
hope you're feeling better today!

those killer headaches are awful. i once had to call in sick because i had such a headache i couldn't even stand up.

hope yours wasn't that bad.

7th Jan, 2003 16:52 (UTC)
not quite that bad no..

But I wouldn't have been able to do any work.. so called in.

Hows you anyhow.. still up for meeting up/checking I'm not an axe murderer?
7th Jan, 2003 20:28 (UTC)
*sly smile*

you keep bringing that axe murderer bit up--maybe you're trying overly hard to put my mind at ease that you're not because you really are one! or maybe you're just a really old porn star with wrinkly skin and halitoses. (honestly, i don't know where that came from...*smirk*

i'm just teasing you, greg.

yes, i'm still up for meeting you. however, i don't have a plan as of yet. (there are some safety logistics to work out seeing as how 1. i haven't been to the city in several years. 2. it generally isn't safe for foreign women to travel alone. 3. i've never met you. oh, don't worry, i won't drag along some poor bloke with us the entire time to be my bodyguard. i just want to have someone to travel into and out of the city. but don't go thinking that i'm scared silly, you just can't blame a girl for being cautious.

when i've arrived and am settled into my classes and residence, i'll drop you a line. or perhaps you ought to give me your email address or cell phone number. (unless you're scared of me *wink* i don't know what avi has told you... ;-)
8th Jan, 2003 02:45 (UTC)
was as to 1 - somewhere obvious would make sence... its not that hard to find places in London. 2 - That might be more true in places like.. I dunno.. turkey or india, but in merry england you are just going to get accosted by the same ppl we do ;) and as to 3 - thats fair enough.. you don't really know me from Adam so *shrugs*

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