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Talk about.. "I bring you love"

Some choice slogans...

War is cruel - flog your mule
War is dumb, beat yourself numb
Peace is the goal, stroke your pole
Peace: a stroke of genius
Get peace fever, rub your beaver!
Give your Bush the finger!
For peace to work, you need to jerk
War is heinous, thumb your anus
You Can't Beat Off with Nuclear Arms
War is Mean, Flick Your Bean
War is wrong. Whack your schlong.
My 'friendly fire' harms no-one
I'm going blind for Mankind
War is silly, whack your willy
Think globally, whack locally


6th Jan, 2003 06:35 (UTC)

Hmmm... I suppose if that is all it takes, I should at least do my part.
6th Jan, 2003 07:15 (UTC)
well indeed.. its your duty!