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the weeeekend...

In theory I'm spending the weekend at Richard and Ninas.. though the whichy biatch has yet to come online so I guess I'll have to phone him :)

Spent a good two hours and a bit on the phone with Avionne tonight... always good to talk to her.


So yeah... prolyl won't be around much this weekend, or at least sat night. The grandparents are coming around monday, so should be interesting.

Still dunno what I'm doing for new years...


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19th Dec, 2002 21:20 (UTC)
It was great to talk to you, dear.

Well I hope you have a good weekend if I don't get to talk to you before you go.

20th Dec, 2002 16:49 (UTC)
Not heading off this weekend after all.. got my dates wrong! lol
20th Dec, 2002 17:46 (UTC)
You are bad with dates huh? *wink wink*
20th Dec, 2002 18:39 (UTC)
lol... yeah I forget what day of the week it is.. I know I've got this on that date... but I forget WHEN that is :D
20th Dec, 2002 01:46 (UTC)
I do hope you are refering to next weekend, as that is the time you told me you would be able to come over... had it been this weekend we may have actually made the trip to homerton.... drop me an e-mail

20th Dec, 2002 16:26 (UTC)
Re: Ummm...
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