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On a public note....

I've noticed I've a few friends on here that... while I know their names.. I don't see post.

Post you crazy things you! Unless I see you hanging around this depressing place I'm never going to get to know you and add you back!

*sticks his tongue out and pfffspppffts you all*

Future highlights may include - positive and non depressing posts from me! *gasp*
DarkCrysts Guide To Band Demos! *oooh*
More pics! *ahhh*
and lots lots er.. lots more! *whee!*

So get posting ppl!


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16th Dec, 2002 19:21 (UTC)
I want more pics!
17th Dec, 2002 03:24 (UTC)
you ALWAYS want more pics! ;)
17th Dec, 2002 05:50 (UTC)
What can I say, I like looking at you. *hugs*
17th Dec, 2002 17:58 (UTC)
heh.. you may get some soon....
17th Dec, 2002 02:45 (UTC)
Lj is for positive posts?
17th Dec, 2002 03:13 (UTC)
heh.. doesn't seem that way sometimes does it?

I swear its got worse with winter - maybe the psychologists have something with that S.A.D. thing :)
17th Dec, 2002 05:15 (UTC)
You got nothing to worry about though Dc, your posts are interesting whatever they are. Some people are just good at Lj and you happen to be one of them. Must be the way you write about things. Good english or Interesting stuff? Hrm ;P
17th Dec, 2002 16:36 (UTC)

Cheers rougie. Really. Thats a really nice thing to say.

I guess I try to write in a way that would interest me.. glad it works.
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