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Ok well I'm tired this morning... this isn't a surprise, but hey. Its info for you.

I'm SO not looking forward to work tonight... particularly as I'm working atm. Its just going to be frustrating.. I can feel it.

Plus I'm tired and want to go to bed.. so that can't help. After work here I've got to go to town to get some things.. then I'll prolly catnap.

The beautiful shineyquarter is keeping me company this morning at work. *hugs* she's so great. I'd prolly be asleep on my keyboard without her. Sometimes I wish I wasn't here but a lot further away...

who am I kidding? Sometimes I wish I had a better job.. then rest of the time I wish I wasn't here but.. yadda yadda...


[/incoherent entry]


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14th Dec, 2002 10:38 (UTC)
Not so beautiful at 4:30 in the morning, I'm afraid. ;-)

I only keep you company because you are so very great.

No sleeping on your keyboard. Think of the weird pattern that would leave on your face.

I wish you were here. I can definitely see advantages to that.

14th Dec, 2002 18:36 (UTC)
*hugs* you're too sweet really.
15th Dec, 2002 09:27 (UTC)
your entries are all incoherent. :p jk. [huggle] ♥ ya.
16th Dec, 2002 12:09 (UTC)
*pokes you* heeeyyyy :P

16th Dec, 2002 00:05 (UTC)
Hi, this is Greg, right?

This is Martyn from White Rain. Since Mel is going to Africa real soon and won't be able to contact you, I just have a few questions to ask regarding the gig on the 24th January...

What time do we have to get there for soundcheck?
What time do the doors open?
How much will entrance be?
How will we be paid? Do we need to make flyers and have people hand them over?
Do you need me to send White Rain and Return of the Furies demos? If so I kinda lost the address...
Who else is playing with us?
Are we headlining?
We have a few things we want regarding our sound, is there somewhere I can mail ahead and say to save time during the soundcheck?

Urm... I think that's everything. Sorry for the barrage of questions and the kind of obtrusive method of asking :S

If you want to email me or add me to msn my address is mertmobile@hotmail.com

16th Dec, 2002 12:05 (UTC)
most of these questions will be answered in the letter of agreement you should be recieving soon.

However in order - 7pm, 8:15pm (orwhen sound check ends), £5 for non members, You get a split of the door money, you can make flyers but that doesn't effect the ammount of money you get, I'd like the demos if posible - 15 shenfield road, brentwood cm15 8ag, just you two - two bands a night, yes White Rain are headlining, you can mail me at DarkCryst@another.com.

But like I said.. most stuff will be sorted with the letter of agreement (and Hermit provided flyers) that you'll get soon.

No problem about the questions :)
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