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Go Figure....

Ok well... I was looking for some retro pin-up style art for a project of mine, and it got me to thinking...

Women! Why do you treat your figures so? This style for having NO figure is horrible! Ok so if you are naturally slight then it looks fine, but why do it to yourself other wise?

Now doesn't she look nice?

Doesn't the girl here look beautiful? Better than any of the 1001 catwalk models? Why don't we show people a figure to aspire to like that? Rather than these awful stick thin twiglets?


I just don't get it.


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(no subject) - 20_20retrospect - 12th Dec, 2002 21:18 (UTC) - Expand
13th Dec, 2002 10:24 (UTC)
oh because your office buddies think they are fine I'm not allowed to? Gooooood reasoning.

Granted theres a lot of that.. but you also have to remember its comparitive.

The twig thin look has come about due to fashion, not actual clothes but the industry... its easier to make clothes for them and display on piss weak models. You show the population at large women who look attractive and thin (and I do happen to think Kate Moss, one of the thinner ones, is very attractive) and they like them.. show them that all the time and they become fixed.

And please don't try to make this all about the men. Thats totally flawed reasoning. If women didn't pander to the trends like this then it wouldn't be so ingrained. It wasn't 20 years ago... Twiggy was one of the first models to instigate that trend, it became more striking and about the difference in the 70's. by the 80's there was a general mix. the 90's were the age of the supermodel.

The crux of your argument is "women are weak and want to please men all the time"... come on.

Yes, women want to apear attractive to men. The same is true in reverse. However women classically have been more influenced by this aspect (its been stronger socially).

In the end this comes down to social conditioning... hense my line.

"Why don't we show people a figure to aspire to like that?"

Don't make this a war of the sexes.. its shallow and purile, and to be honest VERY pointless for both sexes are at fault..
(no subject) - 20_20retrospect - 13th Dec, 2002 12:59 (UTC) - Expand
Re: - darkcryst - 13th Dec, 2002 17:56 (UTC) - Expand
12th Dec, 2002 20:39 (UTC)
before i give you an answer, i have a counter-question.

why to men sigh and look longingly at the twiglet 1001 catwalk models?

oh, don't even start saying "but i think that victoria's secret models are unattractively too thin." because whenever i whip my latest catalogue out at work, the resident office boys all stop and drool for a moment.

women want to be deemed beautiful by men. men-at-large consider "twiggy" beautiful. therefore, women-at-large make being/achieving "twiggy" their physical goal.

end of psychoanalysis.
12th Dec, 2002 21:37 (UTC)
Um yeah, what she said!
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13th Dec, 2002 04:22 (UTC)
*bows down*
*clears throat*
yo' the man, darkcryst!
13th Dec, 2002 11:28 (UTC)
Thank you.
13th Dec, 2002 06:19 (UTC)
I don't try to look like "twiggy"... However, if you look at the clothing industry, the commercials on television, the publicity that is everywhere, it's not hard to figure out that most women think the ideal is the stick look. Personally, I think it's entirely to blah, but hey.... Some people like it.
13th Dec, 2002 11:27 (UTC)
Well indeed... I'm not really talking about specific people here...

And sure thin can look great. But that doesn't mean everyone has to...
(Deleted comment)
13th Dec, 2002 11:27 (UTC)
good! Great! Thats fine :)

I personally think you look great as you are, you're naturally very thin and you work with that..

I've more thinking about the girls and women that have great figures but try to get rid of them because of some crass commercial idea
(Deleted comment)
Re: - darkcryst - 13th Dec, 2002 17:33 (UTC) - Expand
13th Dec, 2002 07:06 (UTC)
IM (notso) HO
We've moved into an androgynous age; women fought diligently through the middle and late 20th C. for the right to "be like men," and now we are "being like men."

I'm a cynic and not much of a feminist when it comes to the gender wars. Mark once asked me if it was difficult being a misogynist and a woman. I laughed. I am certain that women and men are equal; I won't argue that we have equal value, but a woman can't do everything a man can do any more than a man can do everything a woman can. And I'm not talking about babies.

So in short, I think we're going stick-figure in denial of basic femininity. We're going for hard and edgy because, well, because we've moved into a culturally hard and edgy period of gender relations.

Interesting side note: I find men with sleek curves to be irresistably attractive. light my fire, so to speak.
13th Dec, 2002 11:34 (UTC)
Re: IM (notso) HO
oh sure... and posibly thats the psychological reasoning behind it.. but I'd argue the trend has been apparent for quite a while now.

I'm not dictating who should find what attractive, I'm merely stating my opinion about suitable and healthy role models.
13th Dec, 2002 07:56 (UTC)
I would generally agree with you and jump on the band wagon, but the picture s pleasing to the eye. the curve of her back, she has a nice soft ass, she doesn't have the hard '80's legs. ..she is a representation of the beauty ideal at the time. ideals change with fashion and fashion changes with one's toilet paper roll...
13th Dec, 2002 11:32 (UTC)
sort of my point I guess...

Why are people slaves to fashion? Now more than ever! Not just the fashion of clothes.. but a body fashion. Its always been there, but now it seems to control people more. Its everywhere...

Yes that image is an image of an ideal (although Gil Elfren the artist actually used models for all his paintings, so she did exist) It was more an illustrative example.
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