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Two events happend over the last two days.

One was something serious that is big... the other something small that had a big effect.

The small thing was that I was given a Christmas card. Nothing much on the face of it, but it was from one of the learning disabled guys who use the computers at the ICT center (my second job). His name is robert, and I don't really have that much to do with him. I see him there and say hi and stuff.. but nothing big.

Anyhow.. he gave me a card (even though he's convinced my name is craig.. story for another time, and its the thought that counts.) Truely it IS the thought that counts... for this kind action after the days I'd had previously made me smile and feel a lot better about myself.

I think it was this that prompted me to feel more proactive about work (well... partially anyhow. It help my mood about the concept).

The big thing....

One of my best mates... I've known him for about 11 years or so.. he has broken up with his fiancee. She was cheating one him and then as soon as he found out.. cut him off cold. So I spent most of tonioght consoling him with a mutual friend of ours. Poor guy is too nice to have to put up with some of the shit he gets...

so yeah... two contrasting moments.. yet somehow I feel they are more what I'll hold from this week in my mind than anything else


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6th Dec, 2002 17:16 (UTC)
You are a good friend and obviously a good person.

I hope work goes well for you today.

7th Dec, 2002 01:45 (UTC)
aww thanks honey *cuddles*

I hope everything goes well too! we'll see :)
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