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I've a big post in me somewhere... but not tonight, perhaps while I'm at work tomorrow - idling at the ICT center.

anyhow.. to summarise in pictures.. this is how I feel -

Me... just a little while ago..

There's a long and pissy story about why I feel like this.. and I'll give you three guesses what caused it. The first two don't count.

Anyhow.. for however I feel, there's always someone who can make me feel like this -

Sunset in france, no photoshop tricks, exactly how it was.

She knows who she is and I thank her for all she does for me, more than she knows. Especially now.

The song I'm listening to really lifts me and yet, at some level, sums up how I feel.. find it.. get it, get more by the band - they're great. Thanks to rinnywee for putting me onto them, you've got great taste in music hon.


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5th Dec, 2002 02:30 (UTC)
i think i feel exactly like you on that picture ::sigh::
5th Dec, 2002 07:45 (UTC)
*hugs* whats wrong hon? Thought everything was going ok now?
5th Dec, 2002 15:31 (UTC)
yes everything is fine, i am just tired... and sick and reallllly tired... other than that things are perfect ya know :o)
5th Dec, 2002 05:03 (UTC)
yeah, i kinda feel like that too. but you take better pictures than i do. so i'll just use yours. [kidding].
and WOW the second picture is just a-ma-zing! i love it when nature blows me away like that. :)
5th Dec, 2002 07:47 (UTC)
That was a beautiful sunset in france while I was staying with RinnyWee. She was driving and we pulled over to the side of the road and both took about 15 pictures!

I prolly don't take better pictures.. I prolly just make them look better in photoshop! heh...

but yeah.. bleh I do feel like that still.. I'll post about it later most likey..
5th Dec, 2002 08:17 (UTC)
i hope that in between now and writing about it you'll get to feel better.
{bigbrightsmiles} to help you make it through the end of the day
5th Dec, 2002 06:34 (UTC)
That sunset picture is breathtaking. I miss your post with pictures of you and how you feel in it... I liked this post. That picture says 1000 words about what's going on right now.

I feel like that picture.
5th Dec, 2002 07:50 (UTC)
awww... *smooch* bad stuff huh? :(

Thank you honey... *huggles*
5th Dec, 2002 18:24 (UTC)
She also knows you make her feel the same way.
6th Dec, 2002 06:18 (UTC)
awwww *cuddles*
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