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in france...

topic says it all :D

Hey peeps.. its stupid am and I'm about to START to watch a film. w00t.

Thought I'd say hi.. its been cool so far, done sweet FUCK ALL hehe... I've done the tourist thing before so no need. More about seeing Erin :)

*hugs* to everyone (especially a few) Miss you loads. Catch up on monday.


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23rd Nov, 2002 19:19 (UTC)
I am sure I miss you more. Glad you are having fun!

24th Nov, 2002 10:25 (UTC)
*cuddles* Lets not go down the "no I miss YOU more" road ;) hehe...
24th Nov, 2002 14:58 (UTC)
Whatever you say dearest.

*hugs and kisses*
(Deleted comment)
24th Nov, 2002 10:24 (UTC)
yup thats why! And yeah I am.. not like I've not been here before, but its good to see Erin and always nice to get away - even if its only for a weekend.
24th Nov, 2002 06:00 (UTC)
hug erin from me please :D
24th Nov, 2002 10:23 (UTC)
Done so.. in the kitchen while she was cooking... :D

She says thanks :D
29th Nov, 2002 01:40 (UTC)
If you have the time... there is a groovie little cafe at 5, Rue Thouin, 5ieme Arrondissement, dans la Mouffe (Quartier Mouffetard), just around the corner from where Hemingway used to live, near La Place de la Contrescarpe. It is called "Teddy's" and the owner is called Greg, though he also answers to Michel. They are open from 6pm until around 6am. Their jazz and blues cd collection is extensive, and they have games like back gammon, checkers, tarot cards and chess to keep you entertained. Ask Greg to make you a Petit Max cocktail shooter, and to play a cd called "Live at the Slow Club". Then he will know that you know me.

Je vous embrasse tres fort tous les deux! Amusez-vous bien!
29th Nov, 2002 16:27 (UTC)
awww... and I've love to have gone there. I'm back in england now.

Sounds like exactly the kind of place I'd love.

Btw.. still up for that drink in december?
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