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pump up the funk....


I am not having the best evening.

First raging row with my sister about parking. Simple explaination here is that she wants her car in the garage, my car is parked outside it, and its reeeeally not practical to park in elsewhere. After her being loud and abusive (as per normal) I eventually spent 20 mins manuvering the car into a tiny space.. just to shut her up.

Now granted I could do this when I get back form work.. but at midnight I don't fancy denting my car because she MUST have hers in the garage for no real reason. Bleh...

anyhow the upside of this? There IS no upside.. I ended up with a frigging puncture. Great. Thanks Sis.

moving on... now I'm ill. Feels like some sort of food poisoning.. dunno if it is just feels like that - horrid gut rot..

argh... hope I feel better in the morning.

What a way to spend a sunday...


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17th Nov, 2002 17:26 (UTC)
hope you feel better :(

what are you doing friday? xx
17th Nov, 2002 17:41 (UTC)

hmmm I'm at the club friday night... Why what were you thinking? I'm free sat and sun though...
17th Nov, 2002 17:49 (UTC)
that's ok :)

Hmm, just wondered if you wanted to do something (and then I can give you a demo... I have one saved for you!) Its okay though, another night.
White Rain are recording next Sat & Sun... Saturday I'm going to be there 'til late, but I don't think I'll be needed for all of Sunday. I'm not sure though. Thinking about it, I should probably go back to Reading Sunday night :/

Shall I send the demo? xx
17th Nov, 2002 18:19 (UTC)
Well if we catch up with each other the week after that would be cool... save you the postage too.
17th Nov, 2002 18:14 (UTC)
I am so sorry to hear you aren't feeling well.


Wish I could make you feel better.
17th Nov, 2002 18:20 (UTC)
So do I hon... so do I.. *hugs*
17th Nov, 2002 18:46 (UTC)
I'm so sorry you're feeling ill. *hugs* Get some good sleep and rest. You need it for sure!!!!! Maybe even take tomorrow off work.
17th Nov, 2002 19:17 (UTC)
hmmm I'm not THAT ill I don't think.

Thanks for the support hon.. I wish you all the best. Hope you know how much I worry about you *hugs*
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